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"If you always do what you've always done,

you'll always get what you've always got."

- Henry Ford

Hi, my name is Jim, Founder of Project Flyway, and I have a confession…

I have too many interests and refuse to pick just one.  Not only that, but I also want to see how much value can be created, what kind of progress can be made, and how big an impact my family, friends, colleagues, and I can deliver in this short life.  In fact, if I had a spirit animal, it would be the Arctic Tern.  Talk about making as much progress as possible in one lifetime - the Arctic Tern completes the longest annual migration of any animal and in one lifetime travels the equivalent of 4 round trips to the moon!  Each Tern and across the generations have achieved success by courageously traveling from the North Pole to the South Pole, finding the most efficient path available, and doing so in a repeatable manner - a perfect analogy for what we pursue here at Project Flyway.

"Where can I make an impact?"

This question rolls around in my mind routinely.  I've been looking for the answer to that question in several directions based on my many interests.  There have been several sites I've built representing these explorations over the years.  After deep reflection, I realized though they could be left separated, they would be better suited tied together with their common thread: among my interests is my passion for making an impact by leaving the world better processes.  I'm a nerd, always have been, and there's no turning back now.  When it comes to processes I can't stop my mind from seeking better ways to accomplish big goals.  So I decided to pull them all together here at Project Flyway with that common thread as a focus.  

  • GERD 2 Great acid reflux, GERD, Barrett's Esophagus, and even Esophageal and Laryngeal Cancers have had an all too prominent presence in my life and that of close family and friends.  I am on a quest to help stop the progression of acid reflux by finding and sharing tips, strategies, and alternatives with the hope of reversing its effects. Where are you on the path of managing your acid reflux?


  • GAME CHAiNGER has been focused on examining whether emerging technologies, like Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) a.k.a. "Blockchain", might show promise of improving longstanding challenges facing healthcare delivery and financial operations.


  • My Money Flows came from an action-packed season in my life starting with marrying my wife and her (now our) dog, finishing a home, her and I shifting careers, welcoming our son (and a couple of years later our daughter), and working through several health challenges.  These experiences made me appreciate how quickly and complex our personal finances evolved and highlighted my need to pull the reins, get my finances organized, and try to simplify and then automate our financial life as much as possible


  • FLOWT App arose from the process of organizing, simplifying, and automating my personal finances captured in My Money Flows.  After trying a dozen budget building apps, I couldn't find the budgeting tool to fit my needs so I decided it needed to be built, with the teamwork of my friend, Ramesh, to provide a private, personalized, perceptive, and productive approach to seeing if a budget will in fact FLOWT.


  • Automotive Essence "car" was my first spoken word, favorite conversation topic ever since, and what inspired my roommate from college, Jared, and I, both car fanatics, to capture the great stories behind so many car brands still with us and several that have come and gone. In doing so he and I can help ourselves and others work to graduate from novice car fans to bona fide car fanatics.

Project Flyway is our digital workshop.

I know how to play golf, but don't play very often, I don't have a woodworking space in the basement, and I don't consider myself a green thumb gardener. My hobby is exploring ideas, particularly dissecting processes to see how they might be improved.  I have been yearning to have a place that I can capture observations, develop concepts, build resources, and collaborate with others most especially.  I want to learn how to look at situations differently and gain insights from your perspective as well.  This is our place to do that.


As I've grown older, now married, and blessed with 2 kids, I realize how my time is a rapidly declining commodity. I want to maximize my potential here, make an impact for my family, and perhaps leave the world a little bit better than I found it.  Managing life, #adulting, I’ve found it to be so important to find a win each day, but they have become harder to achieve in a world growing in complexity and distraction.  There is no better feeling than getting a win.  As my life has increased in blessings it has also increased in complexities.  I am on a quest to find better ways of managing my life, growing what I have, and having a positive impact on my family and friends most of all.  It is not easy, but I have only one life to live I better make it count.  I'm sure you feel the same.

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How I hope this site will be of benefit to you

Project Flyway has been thoughtfully built to capture observations we find interesting, share resources and ideas that we find helpful, and provide new perspectives to help us see situations and challenges differently.  


Through this collaboration, my hope is that we can all capture ideas and explore them further to see if there are any key takeaways that can be of help to one another achieve more, proceed forward in an easier way, and leave our marks in doing so.  


Let's build and refine resources that can help each other reach wins both big and small.  


We can dive deep on particular topics that we find interesting and perhaps lead to forward progress.  


By sharing worthwhile reference material for deeper reading and exploration we will save each other time in wandering to trusted, proven, and quality guidance on our journeys through life.


Here is what you will NOT find on this site

There are certainly many great resources and websites around that focus on any of the topics covered at Project Flyway.  


You'll easily find a great number of offers elsewhere for:


  • Life coaching after a gauntlet of intro videos and webinars

  • Inspirational stories that leave you wanting the tools to help you get the job done

  • Entertaining videos to the point of being cute more than they are helpful and creative more than they are succinct

  • Communities with quirky nicknames for their members

  • A helpful tip or tool available only after agreeing to a deluge of emails

  • Or prescriptive approaches that solved one person's challenges and perhaps many others but don't feel right for you


Time is of the essence, we each are on a quest to achieve as many big wins as we can and find the best paths to achieving them. 

We are here to find paths that suit us each in order to help us achieve the big wins we want in life


But here is what we hope you will find on this site

There are a variety of topics covered here, I told you I have a hard time picking from a variety of interests.  And shame on me for trying to get a lot crossed off my to-do list for this life, including:


We don’t feel it makes sense to prescribe one way of doing things. We would rather explore several approaches in a more detailed fashion so you can find what fits your situation best or take your favorite elements from a few and design your own.

A few topics we are diving deeper on and have become projects. You can follow along with us and contribute feedback to make them even better. 


You’ll find we really appreciate symbolism. The Flyway is a literal path of survival and symbolic of what we are each striving to achieve for our generation and hoping to provide advancement for the next.  We hope this symbolism is a great motivator for you as you proceed towards your goals


This site really is not about me, it is about you!

I want to hear about you

What do you aspire to achive?

What is in your way?

What have you accomplished?

More importantly, what were the success factors

that made those wins achievable?

Thanks for submitting!

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My Path:

A little more about who I am and how I got here

I'm used to being the new kid having had 15 mailing addresses in my life

And I'm used to being average at a lot of things, but am blessed with a wide array of interests and fortunate to have had a variety of experiences along the way


I also like traveling having been to over 30 countries


Now married with a wife, 2 kids, and a rescued golden retriever


My first word was "Car" and has been one of my favorite topics of conversation ever since particularly automotive history, branding, and design.  So much so that my former college roommate, Jared, and I started a website capturing the great stories about cars


I studied improvisational acting (think "Who's Line is it Anyway?") and have been living without a script ever since but sure to focus on "yes, and" wherever I can.


Completed a full marathon, several half marathons, and a few sprint and olympic distance triathlons


I take pride in the success of the communities I call home.  I have held Board of Directors President and Treasurer roles for two different Homeowners Associations where I have lived.

I tend to think best when staring at the tiled line at the bottom of a swimming a chronic ailment from swimming

competitively for 12 years through to my senior year in high school.  After many years a fish out of water, I am now building back my distance - I forgot how much consistent practice matters

My favorite band, U2, wrote my favorite song, "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For".  You might think it is a sad song, but I think it is an anthem, for me at least, of always yearning for more and enjoying the journey along the way.

My Background:

What do I have to offer professionally, or at all

Career Experience


I've spent my career in Finance mostly within the Healthcare industry both in consulting and in hospital administration.  Upon entering college at the University of Iowa I began making my way through pre-medicine coursework and graduated with a degree in Economics.  After building experience at a "Big 4" accounting firm, a consultant at a boutique consulting group, and then as an administrator at a large academic health system I applied these experiences as I earned an MBA from the Goizueta Business School at Emory University.  Since my MBA, I've held roles including Director of Patient Accounting at one of the nation's largest pediatric health systems, and a consultant at a healthcare strategy consulting group.


Presentations and Publications

I enjoy sharing what I have seen in hopes of helping others.  Here are a few places I've had the great fortune of participating in presentations, panels, or publications:

  • Association of Financial Professionals Education Day, Atlanta, GA, August 2019 – Panel: “Overview and Use Cases for Blockchain in Healthcare”

  • Blockchain in Health Conference, Atlanta, GA, May 2018 – Panels: “Scaling Blockchain Adoption” and “Blockchain Interoperability, Barriers, and Strategies”

  • PNC Healthcare Knowledge Share, Atlanta, GA, April 2018 – Panel: “Revenue Cycle and EMR System Conversions Success Factors and Lessons Learned”

  • PNC Healthcare Knowledge Share, Orlando, FL, October 2017 – Panel: “Revenue Cycle and EMR System Conversions Lessons Learned”

  • 3rd Combined Meeting of Orthopaedic Research Societies of U.S.A., Canada, Europe, and Japan, October 1998 – Pardubsky PD, Harris CL, Kelly J, Buckwalter JA, Brand RA, Martin JA: Does Tenascin-C Help Chondrocytes Adapt to Mechanical Stress?

Professional Associations

I am an active member of several professional organizations including: 

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