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Your budget built just for you...

private, personalized, perceptive, & productive

The Objective

To create a budget building app that balances equally privacy, personalization, perception, and productivity


Provide a predictive view of my spending...

...while keeping my data off the grid


Identify 95% of my budget items...

...after answering just 7 simple questions


Tell me if my budget is sustainable...

...and where I should make cuts if it isn't


Combine the power of a spreadsheet...

...with the convenience of a smartphone



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Take A Look

Here are some of the great features FLOWT can offer you

Introduction Questionnaire

We strive to help you gather the majority of your budget categories and cards (line items) by asking just 7 simple questions.

These questions are private as we do not require account information like many other apps and sites will ask of you.

We've simplified the list as much as possible to get an understanding of your personal situation in order to structure your budget in a way that suits you.

FLOWT App - iPhone 11 -
FLOWT App - iPhone 11 - Categories.png
Categories Screen

Provides all of your budget categories ranked by dollar value.

Quickly see which areas of your spending impact your budget the most.

Real-time updating so you can see whether your budget will FLOWT as you enter information

Budget Summary Charts

View your budget in 4 different views based on assigned classifications:

  1. Importance

    • Essential

    • Discretionary

    • Reserved

    • Reimbursed

  2. Variability

    • Fixed

    • Variable

  3. Frequency​ (13 types total)

    • Weekly

    • Weekdays

    • Bi-weekly

    • Twice monthly

    • Monthly

    • Annually

    • & 7 other frequencies

  4. Category​

    • All of your categories depicted individually​ on the chart

FLOWT App - iPhone 11 - Summary
FLOWT App - iPhone 11 - Waterfall Chart
FLOWT Budget Flow Waterfall Chart

Where the power of a spreadsheet can now sit graphically in the convenience of your phone

This visualization has never been available in a budget app

Quickly see if your monthly budget will FLOWT

Hold and drag a finger across the screen to reveal chart labels
(not depicted, download FLOWT to experience it yourself)

Determine quickly which budget items will impact you the most financially

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Your Privacy

With FLOWT your budget is for your eyes only

Our commitments to you and your privacy:

We firmly believe that your budget and personal finances are private
We will never sell your data because we can't see it
We don't need you to setup an account to use our app in its entirety
We will never target you with ads. Ever. 

We believe that's how budgeting should be

Join Us

Join the beta user group and be a part of the app's development

The Origin

Through the development of My Money Flows arose the need for an app

Why a Seahorse?

An Intriguing Animal Symbolizing the My Money Flows Values

To survive in a variety of coastal areas around the world, a creature as small and unique as the seahorse needs to have a combination of successful traits. These traits are great symbols for each of us facing different life circumstances, turbulent money waters, and the hunger for opportunity, let alone survival financially.

Strong Parallels

The Unique Traits of a Seahorse Parallel the Focal Points of My Money Flows

Though appearing dainty, the seahorse's protective exoskeleton, eternally upright posture, and adaptable camouflage are great symbols of survival in diverse bodies of water. Having a money management system that helps us manage our money needs to be continuously adaptable to a variety of circumstances as well.  The grip of the seahorse's strong tail and the strong grasp of our own personal finances help both of us avoid getting swept away.


A Talented Snout

The long snout allows the seahorse to find food efficiently from difficult places. Finding our sources of income, where that money is going, and places to put what's left to good use require a few smart techniques.


Chin Always Held High

Upon first glance is the endless & unwavering vertical stance of the seahorse. This trait learned over its evolution is a strong reminder to keep learning what we value and focus on those things will keep us moving forward.


Adapt to Surroundings

The strong exoskeleton of the seahorse also changes color to blend in with its surroundings providing two forms of protection. Your money management should be adaptable & organized to fit your situation and needs.


Sharp & Wide Vision

Sharp vision coupled with independently moving eyes, a seahorse is able to watch ahead and behind for opportunity.  This talented vision is symbolic of how we should pay attention to our own personal finances.

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