Here are the answers to common questions about the FLOWT App

FLOWT App Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Account Setup

Do I need to create a username and password?

FLOWT was created with your privacy as our top priority. You do not need to create an account traditionally using a username or email. The application will ask you to create a four digit personal identification number (PIN) is the only that only you will know and is not shared with us. This helps keep your information private.

Why are demographic questions asked of me before I can use the app?

We believe we can help you pull together close to 95% of your budget categories and cards so you can have almost everything you need to build a budget that will help you FLOWT financially. By reducing the list of questions as much as possible we can efficiently present you a budget that will fit your situation.

What if I don't see a selection in the demographics question I want to select?

After developing this app for several years we thought we covered as many scenarios as we could imagine. Thanks for helping us make the app even better, by submitting a suggestion on our FLOWT Forum Feature Request discussion.

Security & Privacy

How is the information I enter into FLOWT used?

Your information that you enter into FLOWT is yours and will always be yours and yours alone. FLOWT is not built in a way where your data is synced to "the cloud" or shared with any of our systems. We built it this way intentionally as we are not comfortable with so many budget apps requesting access to your accounts and storing your information on their servers. In fact, we don't even have ads in our app to further increase the privacy of your information.

How do I change my PIN I created?

Who sees the PIN I created?

Who else sees or has access to the information I enter into the app?

Where is my information stored?

Budget Setup

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