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Best Resources

We have curated our favorite Blockchain bookmarks here for you

  • 01| The Origin of Blockchain

    Genesis white paper by Satoshi Nakamoto

    The white paper that started it all for blockchain technology. Written in 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto, a pen name for the unidentified person or persons who crafted the framework by which Bitcoin & Ethereum cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and distributed ledger technologies rely upon.

  • 02| Blockchain Unveiled [Video]

    TEDx Talk by Daniel Gasteiger

    Daniel Gasteiger artfully summarizes Nakamoto's genesis white paper and puts into context of recent financial crises to demonstrate how the technology will change how we interact and transact. He has now devoted his career to studying and advocating for this technology and its successful applications.

  • 03| Blockchain Simplified [Video]

    TEDx Talk by Richie Etwaru

    Richie Etwaru, a notable speaker on blockchain technology, reviews the evolution of internet and economy as a way to help explain how blockchain came to be and is being deployed to improve trust, speed transactions, and leverage immutable data for many industries.

  • 04| A Gentle Introduction

    Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies

    Ashley Lannquist provides helpful explanations for each of the following concepts:  Blockchains and cryptocurrencies including their mechanics, 3 key elements of blockchain to remember, security, Ethereum, smart contracts, and noteworthy blockchain developments.

  • 05| A Blockchain Timeline

    How Blockchain has transpired

    The link below reveals a very helpful and visually appealing historical timeline produced by Gem.  From the very genesis of the blockchain concepts with the publishing of the Satoshi Nakamoto white paper through 2016, this depiction will help gather the major milestones in this technology's development.

  • 06| Blockchain Variations

    Blockchain types visually explained

    This article does a great job explaining the types of blockchain formats including: public, private, & federated in addition to explaining permissioned and permissionless variants. The article goes further to discuss implementation approaches, Blockchain as a service (BaaS), development platforms, and APIs.

  • 07| The Blockchain Layer [Video]

    How Blockchain, AI, & ML stack up

    This video briefly describes the computer science layers that are advancing today and includes context for the healthcare industry. David Houlding describes the data, blockchain, and smart contract layers, as well as cryptocurrencies, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML).

  • 08| Blockchain Hash Demo [Video]

    Video walkthrough of Blockchain by MIT

    Blockchain is an abstract and tech-heavy concept. To "see blockchain in action" is a challenge, but this video published by MIT does a great job of demonstrating how hashes work. This "over the shoulder" view is helpful in gaining an understanding of this disruptive technology

  • 09| Patient Security & Blockchain

    An interview discussing patient security

    One of the first matters that arise when discussing blockchain technology is the importance of patient information security and privacy given HIPAA regulations currently in place.  Hopefully, this information helps clarify the security aspects of blockchain, building on the resources listed above.

  • 10| Blockchain Use Case Guide

    How to build solid blockchain use cases

    Perhaps you've had your Blockchain aha moment and you're now looking at DLT can address business challenges.  This guide, by Wesley Graham, provides an outline to decide whether you need a blockchain at all as well as considerations to keep top of mind if a blockchain is decided as the best path forward.

  • 11| Blockchain In Healthcare

    ...and why it's getting so much attention

    An article published by Healthcare IT News quickly reviewing Blockchain technology. Then builds on this understanding, outlining emerging use cases. This article may help encourage those in the healthcare arena to be aware of Blockchain and how it might help the industry.

  • 12| DLT Healthcare Perspectives

    Blockchain in healthcare white paper

    An examination of DLT (Blockchain) in Healthcare from blockchain developers, healthcare payor and provider leaders, and even academics. It brings together a long list of the elements of blockchain in a logical fashion while portraying the benefits and challenges that are currently in play.

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