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Points of interest, concepts, & passion projects being explored in more detail


Current interests & recent focal points, shiny objects being chased.

GERD 2 Great

Gerd 2 Great.png

Why:  Let's stop the progression of acid reflux

Where are you on the path of managing acid reflux?  We are on a quest to find the tips, suggestions, and alternatives to manage our acid reflux and hopefully reverse its effects.

My Money Flows

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Why:  Get your money organized & grow financially

Your personal finances simplified, organized, and automated.  Find what you have, learn what to do next, organize your money, win once a day, simplify your system.

Find what you have

Learn what to do next


Win once a day

Track your progress

Why:  Build a budget that is private & personalized


Building on the My Money Flows methodology, your budget will be private, personalized, perceptive, and productive with the FLOWT App.

Game Chainger

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Why:  Leverage technology to improve healthcare

Let us help you summit the Blockchain learning curve quickly. Join the conversation to explore ways to improve healthcare through innovative technology.

Automotive Essence

Screen Shot 2018-06-05 at 11.49.07

Why:  Turning car novices into car mavens

How well do you know the cars you [aspire to] own?  We capture the stories anyone who loves cars should know but few do.


Previous efforts & past projects, they were fun while they lasted.

Logo & Products - Large - 2012.05.04 sma

Why:  Help a friend realize a dream, his own brewery

Balance Brewing

We had a plan to help build our friend, Joe, his very own brewery.  With all the right credentials how could it not be a success?  Perhaps we can pick this project back up again in the future.


Ideas on deck for further exploration.


Our next concept is probably waiting for us right around the corner

Have a project idea you want to explore together?  Let's set up a discovery call!

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